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  • Donating Cars To Charity – New Tax Rules

    On June 3, 2005, the IRS released guidance on charitable deductions for donated vehicles. The American Jobs Creation Act (AJCA) radically changed the amount of the deduction taxpayers can claim for their donated car.
    Fair Market Value v. Actual Sales Price
    When donating a car to charity, a taxpayer traditionally was allowed to deduct the fair market [...]

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  • choose Luxury Cars and best car Quotes

    Determining exactly what constitutes a luxury car gets tricky because the criteria seem to vary. For example, you may define it according to a certain price range or manufacturer, or the technological and comfort features a vehicle offers. Nowadays there are also more than just cars to considerluxury now abounds in many SUVs, wagons, compacts, [...]

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  • Buying The Best Luxury Car For Your Money

    If you are thinking about buying the best luxury car your money can buy, the first question is how much money you are going to spend. When we talk about luxury cars, prices can range from the mid-30 thousands and up. Luxury cars can be classed into different levels: entry, mid, high, and [...]

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  • Are You Looking for a Luxury Car? Consider the Cadillac

    Are You Looking for a Luxury Car? Consider the Cadillac CTS
    Sometimes it seems that a car is far more than just a car. Talk to someone with a Land Rover and they’re sure to tell you that their vehicle is much more than just a Jeep, while Jeep drivers will tell you that their vehicles [...]

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  • A Luxury Car For You

    Luxury car is a term that is widely used, but does anyone truly know what it means? When it comes to cars, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. What a car dealer’s ad touts as luxury may be different from what a car rental agency categorizes as a luxury car, and both may [...]

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