• What To Look For In A Salvage Car Auction

    A salvage car auction may be also advertised as insurance car auction. What you should know is that a salvage car auction has absolutely nothing to do with the normal auctions – public, government or wholesale.

    Salvage car auction venues offer cars that have been collected and rebuilt by the insurance companies in some cases, while in order they are sold in their damaged condition. Normally you can reach a price with 20% to 50% cheaper than the regular price of the car you are looking for. In some cases, the cars being sold at salvage car auction places might have just a minor problem but in most of the cases, these cars have suffered a serious damage.

    The main problem with cars being sold at a salvage car auction is that these cars are usually damaged to an extend that a regular car buyer cannot properly asses. That is why it is strongly recommended that only experienced professionals buy from these auctions. If you are not one, than get somebody along with you when going to bid on a salvage car auction. On the other hand, if you are looking for a car just because of the spare parts than you should not care that much. Just check if the parts you are interested in are in order and of course be careful with the price you will have to pay. As you may guess, there is no need to pay a prices closer to the regular price of the spare parts you are buying the car for.

    For the same reason described above is a must that you perform a proper check of the car you want to purchase and second – to check the vehicle history report. A car might look in good condition but it might has been seriously rebuild or repaired in a way that will cause you troubles later. Even after you have repaired the car, you should ask for a complete check by a car company to ensure that all in your car is in complete order.

    The rest of the usually checks that are done when buying a car are still a must – you should read carefully all the paperwork involved, check the VIN numbers and the car history.

    Be prepared for the inconveniences that you might experience later in case you have bough a rebuilt car from a salvage car auction. The fact that a car has been rebuilt stays in its record. Cars that have been rebuilt are not favorite to insurance companies or banks. In addition, even if the car you are purchasing is still under the manufacturers warranty period, this warranty might be voided in case the car has been rebuilt. So never, rely on the fact that “the car is still in the warranty period…”

    Finally, this is what we would advise the regular car hunters – try another car auction and leave the salvaged car auction venues to the professionals. It is worth neither the hassle nor the risk buying from a salvaged car auction just to save a minor amount of money.

  • Whats Your Favorite Car?

    Have you ever wondered about the differences in the tastes of men and women when it comes to cars? Clearly, men prefer cars that look tough and masculine and ooze power while women prefer cars that are cute and stylish, right? Well, thats true to a certain extent, according to a recent study on car ownership between the sexes. However, what may be surprising to some is that there are areas of common interest between men and women and that both actually share a liking for the same favorite cars.

    According to registration records for new 2005 and 2006 car models (January 2006 to the present), men love luxurious, high performance cars, preferably with a horsepower of 367 or more. On the other hand, women prefer cars that are affordable, practical and safe. They also put a premium on design flair in their cars as evidenced by the popularity of the Eclipse Spyder convertible, which had the highest percentage of female registrants of any car on the market. The preferred horsepower for the womens cars were way below the standards of men, with the top five models having only an average 172 hp compared to 367 hp in the mens favorites. It was just like you expected, right?

    It was interesting to see the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder on top of the list of womens favorite cars. If you take a good look at it, it does somehow seem like a feminine-looking car. But hold it. The Eclipse Spyder also happens to be the car of choice among 34.2% of male registrants. In fact, the study showed that registration records indicate that men sometimes buy feminine cars but women rarely purchase male-oriented, testosterone-fueled sports and luxury cars.

    The thing is, what really makes a feminine car? I mean, I always considered the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder to be a masculine car ever since I first saw it in the 2003 movie “2 Fast 2 Furious,” particularly since it belonged to the angry, muscular ex-convict played by Tyrese Gibson.

    The next popular cars for women were the Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle (SUV) and another Mitsubishi favorite, the hardtop Eclipse coupe. The mens favorites were the Honda Acura NSX sports car and DaimlerChrysler’s Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG performance sedan.

  • What Is A Car’s Real Trade-in Value?

    We all have the same goal when it comes to buying a car and making sure we get the most possible for our trade-in.

    At the least, we want to make sure that we’re not being taken advantage of.

    So, with the advent of the internet and the myriad of car information now available to us, we point ourselves over to Kelley Blue Book to find this all-important value.

    Later, when we’re actually negotiating with a Dealer, we find it’s not quite this easy. The Dealer’s trade-in figure is lower than the one we got from the internet.

    So, we whip it out and ask for an explanation, and rightfully so.

    The truth of the matter is that a vehicle’s “trade-in value” is not a number that is simply black and white. It’s quite “gray” actually.

    You see, it’s not unlike valuing your own home. What is your home worth? Well, you can get a ballpark idea … maybe a general price range. But a precise and fair figure? Nope.

    Why? Because there are a number of other factors that determine “value”.

    What have similar homes (or cars) sold for recently? How long did it take them to sell? Is demand currently strong? Weak? Somewhere in between? What’s the premium currently being paid for extra features such as a pool or a shed (sunroof or leather)?

    A Dealer tries to access such issues, and of necessity, “opinion” and “subjectiveness” are going to play a significant role. And much the same way as having your house appraised for a loan, you’ll get different answers from different “experts”.

    Another factor is very fluid. The Dealer will certainly check what similar vehicles have sold for at the wholesale, Dealer-Only car auctions. Have there been a lot of them? Did the bidding of other Dealers indicate local Dealer demand?

    What could he buy this same car for at the auction? If he’s unable to sell it, what price would he likely get for it at the auction? Does he have other similar vehicles in stock that have been difficult to sell?

    And then, whatever figure the Dealer comes up with, he’s going to reduce it a bit further to reduce the risk he’s taking in investing in your car. He doesn’t want to lose the profit he’s making on your new car when selling or disposing of your trade-in.

    So what’s a consumer left to do? Well, unfortunately, it’s negotiate, negotiate, negotiate … as unpleasant as it is.
    The best alternative, however, is to sell the car on your own. Although this takes additional time and effort, it is often well worthwhile.

    One way to do this is actually very simple: just put a “For Sale” sign in your back window. We’ve seen this for years, but now that virtually everyone has a cell phone, it often works quite quickly.

    Another alternative is to list your vehicle online since people shop for cars on the internet now far more now than reading newspaper classified ads. High traffic sites such as AutoTrader or Cars.com charge in the 40 to 70 range and usually the ad runs until the vehicle is sold.

  • What Happens At An Antique Car Auction?

    Antique car auctions can be a great place to pick up a real bargain. They attract classic car enthusiasts from far and wide. The most popular car auction is the US is the Barrett-Jackson annual car auction which is held in Palm Beach, Florida. The last auction attracted over 65,000 people and even if you dont intend bidding its still worth the trip to soak up the atmosphere and camaraderie between the antique car enthusiasts.

    Antique Car Auctions Events

    Most antique car auctions work the same way as any other kind of auction. The auction house produces a list of the cars that are to be auctioned and the dates it will take place. The cars are sometimes grouped into categories but this really depends on the specific auction house. The list of cars contains the information about the antique cars available. Namely the make, model and sometimes the owners details. The information is usually limited and the condition of cars is not usually stated to avoid any legal comebacks.

    You will usually find that the majority of people at an auction are there just to look and not to sell or purchase a vehicle. Auctions attract lots of enthusiastic collectors that just love to be around their favorite hobby. Very often traders and collectors will attend to get an idea of the value of specific cars. Auctions are great places for gauging a price that your own vehicle maybe worth. Its kind of like getting yourself a free appraisal.

    Selling an antique car in an auction can be a bit of a hit or miss experience. If you are lucky and have the right vehicle and several interested people the price can go quite high, sometimes better than selling privately. However you take your chance that it may sell close to your reserve price or if really unlucky it may not sell at all.

    Buying can be tricky and we would always suggest you attend several auctions before bidding so that you get an idea of how it works. The last thing you want to do is to cough and find you just bought yourself a vintage vehicle for several thousand pounds. All bids at the fall of the hammer are legally binding and must be honored.

    You should always be aware that once you have bought the car it is sold as seen. This means that should there be something wrong with it there is no comeback and it is assumed you checked the car thoroughly beforehand and was aware of any possible defects. Having said that you can sometimes bag yourself a real bargain if you play safe and dont jump at the first car you see.

  • What Every Shipper Should Know Before Hiring A Motor Carrier

    What Every Shipper Should Know Before Hiring A Motor Carrier

    A freight broker matches shippers that need to transport freight with shipping companies. Freight brokers have access to many carriers and are able to obtain the right equipment for the move and can save money for shippers.

    The use of a freight broker is ideal for small and mid-size companies that do not have dedicated personnel responsible for making transportation arrangements.

    Shippers that contract with motor carriers directly may inadvertently hire unauthorized, unsafe, or underinsured motor carriers which can create unlimited liabilities for shippers in the event of damage or loss. Companies can significantly reduce these and other liability risks by implementing sound carrier qualification procedures.

    Carrier qualification procedures might include the following:

    Motor Carrier Authority and Insurance Filings
    Develop a file for every motor carrier and check it before tendering shipments for the first time. The file must include a copy of the carrier’s operating authorities and insurance filings with the FMCSA as well as the carrier’s safety rating with the FMCSA.

    Verify that the motor carriers authority is active and the authority type is for common or contract. Also, verify that a BOC-3 agent for service of process has been appointed and filed.

    Safety Ratings
    Obtain a copy of the carriers Safety Rating issued by the Department of Transportation. Carriers with “Unsatisfactory” ratings should never be used. Check the carrier’s Safety Evaluation Area (SEA) ratings. A SEA rating over 75 is considered to be deficient; therefore, carriers with SEA rating over 75 should not be used.

    If the carriers safety rating is Satisfactory, verify business references, call insurance providers to verify that all insurance policies are current and up-to-date, and obtain a signed motor carrier agreement before tendering any loads.

    If the carrier Safety Rating is Conditional, obtain a copy of the report issued to the carrier indicating its safety rating is Conditional and why. Ask the carrier about specific steps being taken to be in full compliance and restored the rating to Satisfactory. If the carriers Safety Rating is Unrated or None, find out how long the carrier has been in business. If the carrier is new and the owners have recently owned another transportation company, ask what happened and if the other company is still in business.

    Motor Carrier Policies
    Additionally, inquire about the carriers policies regarding safety including controlled substance testing, medical exams, driver training regulations and driver compliance with hours of service regulations for all motor carriers. Also, request references and verify carriers service record with those references.

    Cargo and Liability Insurance
    Always contact the carriers insurance provider and verify that insurance coverage is adequate, accurate, and up-to-date for every motor carrier. Request that the carrier provides a list of exclusions which may exist in its policies. Match the carriers name to that on the insurance certificate and on the FMCSA operating authority. Verify that there is an authorized signature at the bottom of the insurance certificate.

    Approved Carrier Review
    Motor carrier files must be kept current. All new information received must be filed promptly and the file must be reviewed on a regular basis to check for potential changes in authority, safety ratings, and insurance coverage.

    Double Brokering
    Check to see if the motor carrier also has broker authority. Some motor carriers with broker authority are known to double broker loads to other carriers who might be unauthorized, unsafe, and underinsured to transport shipments.

    Although there will always be problems when hiring motor carriers, the implementation of carrier qualification procedures can significantly reduce the risk of liability.

  • What Car Suits Your Personality?

    There are many factors that affect the demand for automobiles in the industrialized countries. The research on travel demand and transportation shows that the demand for automobiles rises with income. Many non-economical factors also affect the demand of automobiles. Automotive demographics show that the demand of automobiles also varies with age and gender of the user. Interestingly, women with low income generally travel less than men, middle aged people and people with higher incomes. The household characteristics such as family size, family type, age of the house holder and marital status are also important automotive demographic variables that explain the variation in travel demand.

    Automotive secret shoppers provide an invaluable performance measurement tool that is sought after by many of the top automotive organizations. Successful secret shopping in the automotive marketplace demands a detailed knowledge of the industry. So, agencies either employ experienced shoppers or train new recruits for the automotive industry. As a result several customer service and customer experience programs in new and used vehicle sales, service and parts for a variety of automotive industry clients have been developed. As per the demands of a particular company appropriate programs are chosen and tailored to fit.

    Automotive secret shoppers give feedback about what kind of information is revealed during a used car sales pitch. Though withholding negative information from a client is not ethically right, it needs to be couched in euphemisms and delivered in a convincing manner. It is up to the customer to decide for or against the vehicle.

    When car dealers are interested in attracting visitors to their websites, they have a great variety of means at their disposal. A good ranking made by a search engine will definitely come with an increased number of visitors, but another problem still remains. How do you retain those visitors and turn them into potential customers? Automotive reviews are the answer. Good automotive reviews offer the right information that the visitors require. A first step, which is very important, is that the potential customers will spend quite some time reading the automotive review posted on the website. The purchase of a car is an important step and deciding upon a certain car model may prove to be a complex and painstaking process. Regardless of their financial possibilities, all the potential buyers feel the need to be well informed before they move on to the next step, that of actually paying for the car and driving it home. When researching, customers will find it useful to have access to independent automotive reviews, which will guarantee that their best interest as consumers comes first. The right information offered by independent automotive reviews can turn a visitor into a customer very quickly, and this is what car dealers have to take advantage of.

    An automotive blog is not just a reliable source of information, but is also available at any hour, since the internet has no limitations whatsoever. An automotive blog will provide visitors with all sorts of information, such as tips for buying cars, maintenance, car repair and safety, environmental issues, and so forth. Some other car-related aspects may constitute the reason why people affiliate to an automotive blog. These aspects may refer to aesthetics, utility or power.

  • What Car Finance Deal Should You Choose?

    Financing the purchase of your car can be difficult. Recent research has highlighted the fact that most consumers have decided how to pay for their vehicle even before visiting a forecourt. Reasons for this include high interest rate charges and the motor trades poor reputation. Showroom finance is often not considered as an option, with high street and online lenders greatly preferred, perhaps not surprising considering that they do traditionally provide better car finance deals.

    There are six main ways in which a new car can be financed. The first is a credit card. However, high interest rates mean that this should only be used as a short-term measure, possibly to pay a deposit. One of the most popular ways of paying for a car is through a personal loan. This simply involves taking out a loan with a bank or other financial institution, and can often be arranged over the phone. Interest rates are competitive and you can pay for the whole cost of your car. Alternatively you could deal with your existing lender if you have a mortgage. Money can be borrowed from a mortgage provider, either by getting a second mortgage or withdrawing equity from your house. The advantage of this is that you can deal with your existing lender and interest rates are very low. However, mortgage loans are over a longer period and a penalty may be imposed if you decide to repay the loan early.

    Personal loans, mortgage top-ups and credit cards are the three most popular and well-known methods of paying for a new car. However, three additional options are available which may suit certain people. The first is Hire-Purchase or Conditional Sale, whereby you discuss and agree with the dealer how much you need to borrow. The dealer then gets in contact with the Motor Finance Company and pays for the car on your behalf. You then agree to make monthly payments to the dealer, with the car only owned by yourself once the car has been fully paid for. Low interest rates, deposits and flexible payment terms are associated with this form of payment.

    If the car you wish to buy is slightly out of your price range you may want to consider a Personal Contract Purchase. In this option you defer part of the cost of the car until the end of the payment agreement, at which point you can decide to trade-in the car, hand it back to the dealer, or pay the outstanding amount and keep the car. This is an excellent way of being able to afford a car which would otherwise be too expensive. The final option for financing a car is simply to rent it, known as Personal Leasing or Personal Contract Hire. In this case you agree to rent the car from the dealer for a fixed period of time, which includes all maintenance costs. This is an excellent choice if you only require a car for a set period of time, such as 6 months. It eliminates the hassle of buying a selling a car and is simply fixed cost motoring.

    To decide exactly what car finance deal you should choose you can fill out a questionnaire on financingyourcar.org.uk itll then recommend the type of finance deal that will suit you best, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

  • Volvo S70 V70 C70 Clubs

    The Volvo has become such a popular car that it has gathered quite a following of enthusiasts. Volvo clubs can be found for these cars all across the United States and the world.

    Becoming a member of a Volvo club may also have several benefits. They are often able to find unique resources for anything that you need for your Volvo. The goals of the Volvo clubs are to foster maintenance, restoration, safety and driving enjoyment. A Volvo club also provides a car owner with the camaraderie of fellow Volvo owners.

    Volvo club members are also able to get unique Volvo offers that the run of the mill car owner doesnt get. As a club member you can discounts on your next Volvo as well as discounts on Volvo s70 parts and Volvo v70 parts, as well as other models. The savings are passed on to you from a variety of Volvo dealers and shops that are located across the US. You also get the bi-monthly Rolling magazine that keeps you up to date with the world of Volvos.

    Clubs allow you to become friends with other Volvo owners as well. National car shows, activities and performance events encourage you to show off your car and meet with other enthusiasts as well. Membership into the club is for a low annual fee and allows you to receive information on all things Volvo.

    Volvo clubs also offer a unique opportunity to look back into the history and heritage of Volvo. These cars were first manufactured in 1927. There are several classics that are highly prized, but often shared with club members at cars shows and other Volvo events. These clubs offer members the chance to see these classic cars first hand, many of which look like they just came off the factory floor in Hisingen, Gothenburg, Sweden. The cars would have been used as family to cars to taxi cabs throughout their 90 years of history and heritage. They were also one of the safest cars on the road at that time.

    There are currently over 4000 active club members in the United States and Canada. There are even more in 14 other countries around the world. If you are interested in joining a Volvo club in your area, simply visit the Volvo website. They have a listing of every Volvo club in the world.

  • Volvo Cars And Safety

    Volvos are known for being extremely safe cars. They are so safe, in fact, that Volvo has started a Volvo Saved My Life Club. This club recounts the many moments in which Volvo drivers have been saved by the safety features of these amazing vehicles.

    The Volvo v70 and Volvo s70 comes with standard with numerous safety features that you dont want to miss out on. These safety features may be what put you in Volvos special club.

    The Volvo line of cars begins with the Safety-Cage Passenger Compartment. This feature is complete with front and rear crumple zones that are able to dissipate and distribute the collision force. This reduces the physical strain on the cars passengers. There are also roof pillars and transverse roof profiles that would prevent the car caving in should it roll. The side collision impact system also distributes the force of a collision to the side of a car.

    The second feature is the Side-Impact Protection System. This reduces injuries in the event of a side impact. The cars body is designed to reduce the deformation that occurs to a car when hit form the side.

    In many front-end collisions, individuals are often harmed by the steering shaft. In a Volvo s70 you will find a collapsible steering column that is designed to prevent the penetration of the steering column into the vehicles cabin.

    In rear end collisions, whiplash is a common injury. These injuries are created by the catapult effect that occurs when a vehicle is rear-ended. In the event of an accident to the rear of the vehicle, the Whiplash Protection Seating System is activated. There are two phases involved with this feature. The first is a wire frame and the limited-travel spring system. These features prevent your body from being pressed deeply into the seat. The second is a system that allows the seat to actually move backwards and prevent the person from being thrown forwards. This system is designed to work at speeds of up to 20 mph, as this is when whiplash injuries occur the most.

    The airbag system on a Volvo is like not other car. There are three-step airbags with a drivers and passenger side kneepads. A driver and a passenger will often need protection for their knees. Many knee injuries occur in accidents that are front-end collisions. The driver and the front passenger are often thrown forwards in these types of accidents and the knees may be jammed into the lower console.

    These are just a few safety features that are found in the Volvo s70 and Volvo v70, but there are many more additional features that may be found in each car as well.

  • Video Surveillance Cameras Make Your Car Road-worthy

    Your vehicle darts along the road, continuing to speed faster and faster. You press on the brakes, and discover you’ve lost control over the vehicle’s breaking system! Seconds later, you hit a wall. Proving Newton’s law that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” your head whips back against the headrest. The airbag, which ballooned on impact, cushions your head. With your cranium buried in the inflated airbag, you feel like a dummy, and that is precisely what you are – a crash test dummy. To optimize what they could learn from you, researchers had placed a video surveillance camera on the wall. Such cameras remain useful throughout the life of an automobile.

    The Production
    From start to finish, the production of an automobile is a very precise and meticulous process. Video surveillance cameras are vital in ensuring that quality control is always maintained. They are mainly used for inspecting many parts, verifying that parts have been positioned properly and in 3D guidance of robots. For instance “smart” cameras are frequently used in various stages of automobile production. The camera helps robots “learn” certain parts. The robots, in turn, use a “vision processor” to verify that a correct product has been installed.

    Along an automobile assembly line, video surveillance cameras are also used to monitor the totally automated installation of the windshield and rear-window. Cameras ensure that parts, such as panels, have been positioned accurately onto the vehicle’s body.

    The Testing
    Many tests are conducted on automobiles. These are carried out to improve their quality and safety. One example is the crash test. High speed cameras, which can capture more frames per second than other cameras, are used. The camera helps to detail what happens to the passenger and automobile during the crash. Due to the high cost of crash tests, these cameras are invaluable in helping researchers obtain as much data as possible from the test. A video surveillance camera can be used for other types of tests on cars. For example, the road test checks whether or not the car is worthy to be driven on roads. Lastly, a video surveillance camera can be used to enforce quality control at emissions test centers, where the amount of pollutants that a vehicle produces is tested.

    The Protection
    In addition to assisting in the production and testing of automobiles, video surveillance cameras can also be used to safeguard automobiles from auto theft, a grave problem in America. Consider the following statistics.

    * Every year, over one million vehicles are stolen in the United States.
    * In 2005, the 2001 BMW M Roadster was the most frequently stolen passenger vehicle in the United States.
    * In 2006, more vehicles were stolen in Las Vegas than in any other metropolitan area in the United States.

    Mounted in places such as driveways, parking lots, parking garages, and car alarm stores, video surveillance cameras are valuable in protecting one’s investment. In addition to capturing visual evidence against car thieves, they also serve as a deterrent for those who are thinking about taking someone else’s Jaguar, Road Runner, or Bug.

    There is no doubt that from the assembly line to the junkyard, video surveillance cameras shift gears to play vital roles in the lives of automobiles.