• What Will 2007 Hold For The Motor Industry?

    December 21st, 2010 | No comments

    As another year begins, businesses throughout the Motor Industry will be wondering what developments await in the year ahead.

    With house prices forecast to continue rising and with interest rates also likely to increase further will this mean consumers have less disposable income and therefore less likely to buy new or more cars? And will this have a direct impact on the hundreds and thousands of garages and motor body repairers?

    Whatever impact the economy will have on the Motor Trade, businesses of all sizes can take some simple yet highly effective steps to try and make 2007 as successful as possible. These include:

    1. Find out what your customers actually want its very easy for businesses to get into the habit of assuming they know what their customers want. However consumers needs and expectations are constantly changing and the most successful companies will anticipate these needs and will offer solutions to meet them. And when it comes to the Motor Trade its possible that 2007 will mean a shift from customers demanding low prices to an emphasis on customer service. For motor traders who have always focused on providing quality service this can only be a good thing.

    2. Being aware of the industry as a whole from manufacturers being forced east due to over regulation in the motor industry to small garages and body repairers understanding the impact new government pay as you drive proposals could have on the future of our roads anyone within the motor trade has a duty to know what is going on. Trade magazines, general gossip and just keeping your ear to the ground can often be used to make sure you stay in touch and have a competitive advantage.

    Finally, whatever part of the Motor Trade you work in 2007 promises to be yet another tough but exciting time so finish the turkey, have a relaxing new year and I hope 2007 proves to be happy and successful.

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